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Abana Storage Bag

Abana Storage Bag

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Introducing the Abana Storage Bag
Your Stylish Companion for On-the-Go Breastfeeding!

Tired of the same old, boring breast milk cooler bags? Abana is here to revolutionize your pumping experience with our chic and functional storage solution! Designed to fit most breast pumps seamlessly, this bag is not only a fashion-forward accessory but also a powerhouse of convenience.

Key Features
Cool in Style: Stay cool and stylish with our breast milk cooler bag that effortlessly combines functionality with a trendy design. Perfect for the modern mom who refuses to compromise on style!
Pump Anywhere, Anytime: Abana ensures compatibility with most breast pumps, providing you with the flexibility to pump whenever and wherever you need. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional cooler bags!
Chill Out with Free Ice Packs: We've got your back – and your milk! The Abana Storage Bag comes with free reusable ice packs, ensuring that your liquid gold stays cool and fresh for longer periods. No more worries about maintaining the integrity of your precious breast milk.
Style Switch-Up: Why settle for one look when you can have many? Our storage bag offers different ways to switch styles, letting you personalize your pumping experience. From professional to casual, Abana has you covered!
Lightweight & Spacious: We understand the importance of convenience. Abana is not just a pretty face; it's a lightweight powerhouse with ample space to accommodate all your pumping essentials. Carry everything you need with ease!

Choose Abana – where fashion meets function, and breastfeeding becomes a breeze. Embrace the freedom to pump, store, and transport your breast milk in style with the Abana Storage Bag. Because being a mom doesn't mean you can't be fabulous!

Product Name

Abana Storage Bag


High Quality Nylon


Waterproof, Insulated, Thermal, Double Layer, Portable

Way To Use

Tote bag / Backpack


32 * 24 * 19 cm


12.70 Oz





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