Flexibility | Freedom | Mobility

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or back at the office, our
mission at Abana™ is to support you and your breastfeeding family.

Pump Anytime, Anywhere

The Abana™ hands-free wearable breast pump frees your hands so you can pump anytime, anywhere. Quiet and discreet with no cords and a leak-proof design, Abana™ was designed for moms on the go. With a message mode and suction mode and nine suction levels, Abana™ lets you customize a pumping experience that works for you.


Don’t Waste Your Breast Milk on Your Breast Pads
Capture It with Abana

  • Reclaim Countless Hours of
    Just. Sitting. And. Pumping.

  • Double Pumping – Your Way

  • Premium Quality

    From its unique, sleek, portable design to its customized settings, Abana™ offers premium quality and smart functionality.

  • Untangle yourself from the Cords for an Elevated Pumping Experience

    No more tangly messes! Your USB- Ccarged breast pump will give you 3-5 quiet pumping sessions.

  • Closed System

    The backflow prevention will keep the motor clean; BPA free.

  • Remove the Abana™ pump from your bra after pumping, making sure to keep the breast shield facing up.

  • Remove the motor and hold the milk collector horizontally.

  • Easily pour milk from the collector hole into a milk bottle or milk storage bag.